In society today there is a constant growing focus on the human anatomy, more specifically human sexual appeal. As talked about in the Faces documentary/show we viewed in class there is an obvious concern in society on how people perceive themselves and perceive others. Although there are so many cliche quotes pertaining to the idea that beauty comes from within, people still do care about a person's physical attributes. This idea is heavily outlined and supported by the existence of things such as the Victoria's Secret annual fashion show. People idolize humans that carry those ideal attributes that make up the perfect body that everyone wants: shapely legs, toned muscles, skinny body, perfect teeth, beautiful face, breasts (for women), and the list goes on. An item that fully encompasses this idea is the pornographic magazine found in Osama Bin Laden's hideout. Sexual appeal, and sex in general is everywhere around us. Television shows, movies, advertisements, and so on. Sex is why we exist as human beings, therefore it is only natural that it is something that we lust as a race. Otherwise how else would we survive?

Note (can be deleted once read): I had to write this up today because I have no time the rest of today nor tomorrow so sorry for taking the intro! But i laid out a foundation here with our main idea leading into the item, I guess the rest isn't much but to describe what it looks like/where/why it was there and porn in society (pretty easy to describe). We don't have to write too much more since it has to be 3-5 minutes long. Thanks guys-Jasper.