Hunter Doty
Visual Thinking

1. Many electronic groups nowadays use light shows in their live performances in order to connect their audience to their music on a whole different level. Instead of just being connected by the actual sound, concert goers can connect visually because of these intense light shows. Here's an example of Deadmau5 using a light show that syncs with the song:

2. Here's another example of the use of light with music, this time it's one person's interpretation of some song:

Jasper Jin

3. About a month ago I was given an experience I will never forget. Deadmau5 has an uncanny way of designing his light show so that it accurately portrays the rhythm and emotions of his songs. The way he runs his light shows helps you almost jump into a whole other world. The large backdrop and visuals he uses engulfs viewers into his music giving a first hand experience. I know for a fact he is praised for his light shows almost if not equally to the songs he composes. Here is an example of one of his songs I was lucky enough to witness:

Here you can get a good idea of what the set entailed. He had three cube-like structures formed around him, one on each side and one above him and his DJ set was set upon a larger cube-like structure. Along with the four different structures, there was a large backdrop and normal spot lights located above and around the sage. The cubes to me closely resemble a rubik's cube that was split in half diagonally. In the video posted above, he really utilizes the three cubes around him. Words and phrases would revolve around the cube giving them the perception of spinning on an axis. In the same video, around 2:05, Deadmau5 begins to expand across his set taking advantage of the space on stage. He really shows his ability to use the whole stage, his canvas, rather than just sticking to the three cubes. Another video with another song by Deadmau5 shows his range of light shows. The previous video seems completely tame in comparison to this video.

The reason this video may seem much more intense and wild is because Deadmau5 has to up the ante with his light show in order to keep in connection with the music. The lyrics and along with the tone and color of the music carries a much more angry and hostile emotion. Therefore he was able to illustrate this through his light show. What was great about this light show was his use of the whole stage. He really goes to great lengths to integrating the background with the cubes. One second you can see him spreading light all across the stage while the next you can see images within the cubes that corresponds to the light and color that is taking over the background.

4. Something that really came to mind when trying to compare Deadmau5 was time lapse photography. It was extremely hard to find the perfect video but I stumbled upon a few that really illustrate my point. Time lapse photography at night really illuminates the lights creating random patterns and designs. Here are a couple examples:

The first, a little less chaotic than the second, shows the random patterns of light that I can spot in Deadmau5's light shows.

The second, much more chaotic, I believe can relate much more to Deadmau5's light show. Although the shot is completely unrealistic and has a mirror image affect to it, I believe its inherent "trippyness" and intricate images shows a deeper connection to Deadmau5's light shows.

Another Light and Space public creation can be appreciated in Las Vegas on the Fremont Street Experience. The Fremont Street is like an outdoor promenade, except instead of having stores there are casinos. Above the street, there is a light canopy that covers about three to four blocks. During the night, various light shows are displayed in this canopy. Experiencing a show is an amazing experience. As you look up to the canopy,it feels like you are transported into the images. The use of technology to make this experience is remarkable. The canopy over the street creates a long hall feeling that gets illuminated during the night. It fills the hall with color and creates the sense that the space all around is colored.

Here is another video that demonstrates the Fremont Street Experience. I love how the fireworks light the canopy and make the experience seem like real fireworks in the night sky. Here, we can see that the space in between the canopy and the street is filled with colors.